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Coming to school is really cool!


Every day counts



We understand these are very worrying times for you in terms of the Coronavirus. PLease read this section alongside all the informtion under our Covid section on the website as we wouldn't be encouraging youyr child to school if they have symptoms of Covid.

That said, it is so important that your child has excellent attendance during their time at Pinewood. Every day really does count as the pace of learning is fast even for the youngest children. In order for your child to reach their full potential and to give them the very best start in life, please work with us to ensure excellent attendance.


If a child is absent parents should call school on each day of  absence by 9.15am OR email:


ACCEPTABLE REASONS FOR ABSENCE (in addition to information on the Covid section);

  1. Illness
  2. A death in the family
  3. Medical appointments which cannot be made outside of school hours – Please make sure wherever possible that these are made outside of school hours
  4. To take part in special tuition outside school in agreement with the Head Teacher
  5. Time set aside exclusively for religious observance in agreement with the head Teacher



  1. Getting up late
  2. Holidays unless exclusively for religious observance
  3. Parent or sibling illness (please make alternative arrangements to get your child to school)
  4. Visiting friends or relatives
  5. Birthday
  6. Because you can’t get them to school (alternative travelling arrangements must be made)


 To help your child achieve good attendance please can you:

  • Make sure your child arrives at school on time (8.40am)
  • Phone or email school on the day your child is absent before 9:15am. 

        Telephone 0115 9521717 or email on

  • Discuss with school at the earliest opportunity any problems that are affecting your child’s attendance.
  • Do not let your child be off unless it is really necessary. We will always contact you if we think they are too poorly to be here.
  • Arrange medical/dental appointments outside school hours.
  • Do not take holidays in term time - they can’t be authorised.


Offer rewards for attendance:


  • 1 child from each class who has 100% attendance that week will be drawn at random and will receive a special attendance sticker and pencil prize


  • Each week we will also look at class attendance and we will reward the best class with a certificate and give them the school attendance trophy and ‘It’s cool to be in school’ emoji cushions to display and cuddle in their classroom!


  • Every week for each half term we will record the attendance in each class and give the gold award for 100% attendance, the silver award for 98%-99% and the bronze award for 96-97%. The points will be added up near the end of the half term and the winning class can choose a class treat. This could be a box of chocolates to share in class, an extra playtime, cake, a play afternoon . . . you can decide!


  • At the end of each full academic year the children who have had 100% attendance all year will receive a special certificate.


  • At the end of the academic year a child that has had 99-100% attendance in the year will be entered into a draw. One child from each year group will be drawn at random and will receive a prize for them and their family. This may be an amazon voucher or some cinema tickets for example up to the cost of £30.


Please click on the link below to view our Attendance Policy - the above is on hold at present with the Coronavirus pandemic.