Pinewood Infant School and Foundation Unit

'Together we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly'

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Visions, Values & Aims

It goes without saying that we want our children to reach their potential academically whilst here at Pinewood. But education is about so much more than this. In December 2016 we decided to link our vision and values to a pine tree theme where we provide the roots in order for children to grow and finally have the wings to fly onto the next part of their educational journey. Values are the principles that guide our behaviour and thinking as a school. The values we want to instill in our children here at Pinewood can be seen on the pine cones.


Our school aim is ‘To make learning irresistible’ as this encompasses what we do at Pinewood in order to meet our vision.


Our school prioritises relationships. We really care for each other as a staff team, for our children and our families. Pinewood is a lovely place to be. Our values are not just laminated on classroom walls, they permeate through everything we do and our behaviours as a team. You feel the ethos of our school the second you walk through the door.  We prioritise the inner curriculum as much as the more easily recognisable outer curriculum. We want our children to leave us with academic intelligence, emotional intelligence and ethical intelligence. 

Each special assembly someone is chosen each week from each class for demonstrating one of our school pine cone values. They are given a special star chocolate and a pine cone sticker. alongside our school values we follow the Pinewood promise too.

Our Pinewood Promise