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School Improvement

School Improvement Priorities 2019-20


The School Improvement Plan is the document which drives ongoing improvements in school. The Governing Body is responsible for evaluating the progress made against the plan and has an approved process in place for regular and effective monitoring. This year (2019-20) we are focusing on the following priorities:


Priority 1: Quality of Education

To ensure the intent and implementations of the broad and balanced curriculum lead to an outstanding curriculum in all areas

How parents/carers can help:

  • If you have any particular interests or strengths in particular curriculum subjects then please let us know-if you are artist you might like to run a club with us for example or do some staff training with us.
  • Please read as much as possible with your child at home as this frees up our time to prioritise all curriculum areas and allows him/her easier access to all curriculum areas.
  • Please contact us if you have any good contacts or recommendations in relation to the arts. If you have any interest in the arts, be it through painting, sculpture, dance etc. then let us know. Your skills may be just what we need!
  • Also any fundraising support to help contribute to our provision would be gratefully receive 


Priority 2: Leadership and Management

To further enhance the subject leadership of all curriculum subjects

How parents/carers can help:

  • Let the class teachers, Deputy or Head Teacher know about the things you really like about the school and any aspects that you think can be improved
  • Complete a curriculum survey throughout the year and let us know your views at parents evening and on report slips


Priority 3: Behaviour and Attitudes

To become a trauma aware school and develop effective strategies and means of supporting emotional health and attachment issues

How parents/carers can help:

  • Working closely with us supporting children with their emotional health
  • Engaging with ELSA initiatives if suggested for your child
  • Make sure your children are in school as much as possible
  • Share stories with your children and discuss feelings and emotions
  • Encourage your children in KS1 to attend an after school club
  • Encourage your child to go on Y2 residential


Priority 4: Behaviour and Attitudes

To improve the attendance of pupils whose attendance is persistently low

How parents/carers can help:

  • Make sure your child is in school as much as possible
  • Communicate and work closely with us over attendance concerns
  • Always remember we have your child’s best interests at heart
  • Let us know if your child is unable to come to school and why and do not take holidays in term time
  • Work with targeted support if deemed appropriate for your child