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School Council

Meet The School Council Team 

We have lots of important jobs in and around school.


We have regular meetings where we discuss problems and help to make important decisions.

We help to look after our school, the environment and when we have new children we look after them and show them around our school.

School Council 2021-2022

September 2021

This half term the school council team have been getting familiar with their role and understanding the responsibilities involved. The children now understand that they are representatives of their classmates in discussing school issues which helps give our children at Pinewood a voice. We have discussed how they become a school council member by a democratic process of election, this means all children from each class have a vote. 

October 2021

During a meeting the school council team had noticed a playtime issue.

At playtime the football pitch is very busy and lots of children want to join in with football at once so we had a discussion to see how we could help resolve it. We came up with a few different ideas and decided that we would take it in turns on the pitch and make a timetable allowing each class to have a day on the football pitch. We will meet again after half term and see if our timetable is working. 

November 2021

One of our important jobs is to help Mrs Anthony who is the events coordinator with different fundraising events throughout the year. So first of all, we had a meeting to talk about fundraising and charities so we could have a better understanding of what it means. We then met with Mrs Anthony to share ideas and find out how we could help support Children in Need.  



January 2022

This term we will be checking to see if the football rota at playtime is helping to resolve our issue. Then we will be looking at our next fundraising event Red Nose Day and thinking of any ways we can support this event.


March 2022

We have centred our school council work around the library bus and how we can organise the bus so that people use the author boxes properly and get to know about the authors. We discussed making a new rule about author box books not going downstairs. School council have taken information back to the classes regarding the authors and are going to talk to their teachers about it. Ms Otter is going to run some assemblies around the authors too and then we will discuss this again the first week back after Easter.