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School Council


Meet The School Council Team 2019-2020


We have lots of important jobs in and around school.


We have regular meetings where we discuss problems and help to make important decisions.

We help to look after our school, the environment and when we have new children we look after them and show them around our school.

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Today the school council team met for the first time to discuss their new role and responsibilities.

 We spoke about how they became a school councillor and that the children in their classes had voted for them. They then received their special school council badge and had pictures for our school council display.

Litter Picking - October 2019

The children had noticed lots of litter outside in our school environment so they worked together as a team to help to resolve our litter issue. They then worked in pairs to collect all the litter we could find and put it into the bins.














School Council 2018-2019

This term school council will be part of organising Red Nose Day. As part of this they painted some giant red noses which will be used to collect any spare change in each classroom. The class with the most change will win a chocolate surprise which was decided by the school council.

Red Nose Day - 2019

Red Nose Day - 2019 1
Red Nose Day - 2019 2
Red Nose Day - 2019 3
Red Nose Day - 2019 4



This week the school council team have worked in partners to make posters to sell red noses.

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The school council team stood up in the Red Nose Day assembly to tell everyone in school what we have been doing to help raise money and why.

 They then collected all the red noses from each class so we can find out which class helped to raise the most change and find out who will receive a chocolate surprise.

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Our final meeting this term was to discuss our overall project of Red Nose Day and find out what the total amount was raised for this charity.

We found out that our school had raised a massive £689.46 for the Comic Relief Appeal.

 For all their hard work each school councilor received a sticker and 3 tickets.