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School Council

Meet The School  Council Team 2023-2024

Our Role

In Britain our voice matters. We can take part in decisions that affect our country. We may not be able to vote until we are grown ups but we begin to understand democracy in different ways at school. The school council is one of these ways. We are democratically elected and are involved in making choices and decisions for our school.

We call this "People Power".

We have regular school council meetings where we discuss problems and help to make important decisions.

We help to look after our school, the environment and when we have new children we look after them and show them around our school.

School Council 2023-2024

September 2023

Agenda: This half term, we learnt about our new roles and responsibilities as school councillors.  We talked about how they became a school councillor by all of the children in their class having a democratic vote to make it fair, this links in with British Values. 

Impact: The new school councillors are clear on their role and are excited to help to make our school an even better place!

October 2023

Agenda: School council team received their special badge and we located our display in the entrance hall. We then spoke about how important it is to be a school council member and that we should set a good example around school. Then we spoke about what our sorts of jobs we will be involved in throughout the year.


Impact: The children know what their role as school councillor will involve and have talked through examples of what they might do moving forwards. 

November/December 2023

Agenda: The school council team got together to discussed any issues around school. Each child had a chance to speak whilst holding the listening stone and we came up with a few different issues. The main issue that came up was lunchtimes as some litter had been dropped on the floor and the noise in the hall is too loud for some children. Firstly we decided to go and inspect the outside area and help make our school a tidy environment.

Impact: To give every child a voice and to make our school environment a clean and calm place to be.

January 2024

Agenda: The children came up with a lunchtime reward system so we met with Mr AJ and he loved the idea. He suggested we tell everyone in Assembly and start it straight away.

Impact: To encourage children to work together to ensure lunchtimes are enjoyable for everyone.




















School Council 2022-2023

September 2022

Agenda: This half term, we learnt about our new roles and responsibilities as school councillors.  We talked about how they became a school councillor by all  of the children in their class having a vote to make it fair, this links in with British Values. 

Impact: The new school councillors are clear on their role and are excited to help to make our school an even better place!


October 2022

Agenda: Today the children received their special school councillor badge and helped to put up a display in the school entrance. We talked about the importance of our role and what it will involve. We spoke about the sorts of jobs that we may do next term. 

Impact: The children know what their role as school councillor will involve and have talked through examples of what they might do moving forwards. 


November/December 2022

Agenda: This week, we talked about how we take part in many fundraising events at Pinewood. As a team, we shared lots of ideas on what we could do to raise money for the Christmas Fair. We then fed back to Mrs Anthony who runs the fair an asked how we could help support her. 

Impact: We raised over £1,000 at the fair and it was a huge success!


January 2023

Agenda: Today the school council team had a meeting to discuss if there were any problems around school. Each child had a chance to talk while holding the talking stone and they came up with a few different issues. eg: lunchtimes are loud, we may need more rules, can we help with any painting outside? There is lots of rubbish in the bushes. We have decided to speak to Mr AJ about what we can do to improve lunchtimes, ask Miss Otter about the painting and we are having a whole school litter pick next month which has been arranged by our amazing eco team.

Impact: We will work together to make our school even more amazing!


February/March 2023

Agenda: Miss Otter would love many more children to come to our wonderful school and asked us to think of some ways to show others how great we are. From this we decided that would like to show off some of our amazing artwork we do at Pinewood by displaying it in our local community. We spoke about where might be a good place to display our artwork and thought that Killisick Post Office would be a good place. Then we worked together to write a letter to send to the Post Office. We also decided to make some posters. We also voted on which artwork we would like to send. 

Impact: Raise numbers in school. 


May 2023

Agenda: This week the School Council team had a very important job to prepare and deliver questions to teachers who would like to work at our school. On Tuesday 23rd May the school council met with the new teachers and asked them some questions. Once they had questioned all teachers they met with Ms Otter to give her some feedback.

Impact: To find the perfect Pinewood person to work in our school.


January 2023

February/March 2023

May 2023

School Council 2021-2022

A huge big thank you to a wonderful school council team - you have had the best ideas and have helped run our school brilliantly! Thanks so much love Ms Otter xx

September 2021

This half term the school council team have been getting familiar with their role and understanding the responsibilities involved. The children now understand that they are representatives of their classmates in discussing school issues which helps give our children at Pinewood a voice. We have discussed how they become a school council member by a democratic process of election, this means all children from each class have a vote. 

October 2021

During a meeting the school council team had noticed a playtime issue.

At playtime the football pitch is very busy and lots of children want to join in with football at once so we had a discussion to see how we could help resolve it. We came up with a few different ideas and decided that we would take it in turns on the pitch and make a timetable allowing each class to have a day on the football pitch. We will meet again after half term and see if our timetable is working. 

November 2021

One of our important jobs is to help Mrs Anthony who is the events coordinator with different fundraising events throughout the year. So first of all, we had a meeting to talk about fundraising and charities so we could have a better understanding of what it means. We then met with Mrs Anthony to share ideas and find out how we could help support Children in Need.  



January 2022

This term we will be checking to see if the football rota at playtime is helping to resolve our issue. Then we will be looking at our next fundraising event Red Nose Day and thinking of any ways we can support this event.


March 2022

We have centred our school council work around the library bus and how we can organise the bus so that people use the author boxes properly and get to know about the authors. We discussed making a new rule about author box books not going downstairs. School council have taken information back to the classes regarding the authors and are going to talk to their teachers about it. Ms Otter is going to run some assemblies around the authors too and then we will discuss this again the first week back after Easter.


April 2022

The Queen's Jubilee was the theme of school council this month. We discussed what councilors knew about the Queen and it was ascertained that she ‘is the ruler of the country’, she was ‘born into royalty’ and that she is the ‘leader of the monarchy’. It was discussed that children probably know a little bit about the Queen but would need more information to really understand what she does and why she is the Queen. We decided on actions to celebrate the Jubilee. Everyone is very excited! The year 2s also agreed to perform on stage at the Jubilee event at Arnot Hill Park. We had a few items this month on AOB initiated by councilors including story time, litter pickers and it was reported by one councilor that 3 girls had been working really hard on a dance and wanted to show Miss Otter so that was arranged as soon as the meeting finished.


May 2022

Agenda: Response to parent/carer questionnaire

This week discussed the response by a parent in our questionnaire. We discussed the PE clubs we offer and the fact that we have 2 PE clubs after school which are very well attended but we discussed why some children do not attend. It was felt that some parents find after school club hard to collect from when they have other siblings to collect at the end of the school day. We discussed that some families like their tea time early and that some children cannot come as they’re going to their own out of school club. Councilors decided that we would start to run some lunch time clubs and some after school clubs so that we can encourage everyone to attend in KS1 even those that cannot go after school. I told the councilors that 1 parent commented on a survey of having a variety of clubs in school like we used to have before Covid. We prioritised PE clubs during the past 2.5 terms but it might be nice to run other clubs as well moving forward. Councilors came up with the following ideas for clubs for Summer or Autumn term:

After School Club

Lunchtime Club

Either lunchtime or after school club

Cooking club

Book Club

Art Club

Science Experiment club

Board Games club

Eco club

Drama club

Choir club

Music club


We decided that Summer term was very busy with water fight day, residential, school trips and lots of other things so this would probably begin in the autumn term. Councilors with the help of Ms Otter to write to the teachers and TAs asking for volunteers.