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'Together we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly'

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Reading Celebrations

We love our children to read at home and we have some many reading celebrations in school!  We are so proud of our reading track; it has proved to be very popular with our children.  After reaching 100 reads the children receive a certificate and a bookworm badge.  After 150 reads children are invited to a special reading camp after school and if the children read around the track 200 times, they receive a very special book at our reading assembly!



Reading Camp - children getting to 150 plus reads!

100 and 200 Special Reading Assemblies!

We celebrate reading every day but we also have special days throughout the school year to encourage a love of reading!

National Storytelling Week Celebrations with a Storytelling Workshop!

Nottingham Author Daniel Henshaw visit in National Storytelling Week