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Ofsted Report 2023

Please click on the link below to read the full report.



It is with great pleasure to now be able to share with you our official Ofsted report from our 2 day inspection in November.


We as both staff and school governors are bursting with pride and a sense of accomplishment to be able to announce to you all that we have gained OUTSTANDING in all areas with no points for improvement.


We are only the second outstanding primary school in Nottinghamshire to have retained their outstanding judgement under the challenging new framework.


The feedback the Ofsted inspectors gave us in person was phenomenal! The attached report has captured this but in addition I wanted to share with you all some of their comments word for word, that had us very emotional in the feedback session with the inspectors.


  • Pinewood is a school that is relentless, unwavering and outward looking – my word is there passion in this school - they go the extra mile and beyond
  • Leaders radiate ambition for their pupils and have a long standing passion to serve the community
  • The school is highly aspirational and has very strong practitioners
  • Children are exceptionally well prepared for the next part of their journey
  • Relationships are extremely strong between adults and pupils- all staff know children equally well
  • The curriculum is highly enriching, forensic in nature
  • There’s a highly enriching reading environment that leads to children really wanting to learn to read
  • There’s a real expectation here that all groups of children will be challenged – every child accesses a challenging personalised programme
  • It’s instinctive how they teach children how to behave here - this kind of behaviour doesn’t happen by accident – there is a consistency in excellent behaviour across this school
  • Pupils spoke well of the school- they were proud of their school and desperate to show their classrooms- there’s a real sense of pride here
  • There is no ceiling on learning in the EYFS - Curiosity, concentration and enjoyment permeates

The senior HMI Lead inspector left us with the final comments below:

‘I have no points for improvement - Keep on doing exactly what you are doing!’


They also shared that the comments and survey responses from yourselves were exceptional. They shared with us this comment from one of our lovely parents who completed the Ofsted survey:

“I’ve had 2 children at Pinewood and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better school. Both of my children absolutely love going to school as the staff make such an effort to make learning fun and engaging. Both of my children are relatively academic but what’s more important to me is a social and emotional side – all the staff genuinely care about every single child. There are so many things that they’ve been involved in from art exhibitions to rock concerts, but the highlight for me will always be seeing my super shy child having built up enough confidence from the support of their teacher to go up on stage at the Christmas play. Ms Otter is a wonderful head teacher and we are so lucky to have her. I have friends with children in other schools and what pinewood does is above and beyond anything I see elsewhere. I am so fortunate to have Pinewood on my doorstep, it’s such an amazing school.”


We could not have achieved this without the support of our superb governing body and every member of staff playing their part, giving their all day in day out, year after year. We also could not have achieved this without all your support as parents and carers– we couldn’t be more grateful! 


What a team!