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History & Geography

History and Geography

At Pinewood we teach a knowledge based curriculum which encourages children to discover and explore. We start each topic with a big question or theme title to help children lead their own learning (e.g. Why is Nottingham an awesome place to live?) We plan using this programme alongside the KS1 National curriculum and EYFS curriculum. Each area of geography and history is broken down and specific knowledge taught in order to develop geographical knowledge and understanding. We then find ways to provide our children with a range of experiences to broaden their horizons. We pick topics that inspire our children’s interest, enthusiasm and curiosity.


Our Geography intent

We want children to become familiar with their locality but we also want them to be inquisitive about the wider world and to be motivated to find out about different areas. To develop a sense of place and encourage geographical enquiry that engages our children. We want to make geography relevant to the lives of our children; we want them to become investigators of geographical issues as they progress through into key stage 2 so they are equipped with certain geographical skills and knowledge. Our children will experience looking at maps, atlases and experience stories that have a geographical content and will gain an understanding of environmental issues.


Year 1 walks to Arnold Co-op and St Mary's Church to explore the local area.

Today it snowed! We used this opportunity to learn about seasonal weather patterns!

Winter walk to Hobbucks Nature Reserve to identify seasonal weather changes.

Autumn walk to the Hobbucks Nature reserve (F2 / Year 1) to explore their local environment / identify seasonal weather patterns.

Our History intent

We want our children to gain a sense of chronology over time and to be inquisitive and ask questions about the past. It is hard for young children to grasp history concepts, but we want them to leave Pinewood with an understanding of chronology within a number of themes that interest them, and with the ability to comment upon the differences between the past and today. We want to provide our children with awe and wonder as they find out about exciting significant events and people from the past. Additionally, we want them to understand how we can find out about the past, using a range of evidence.

Today the Nottingham Fire Service came to teach KS1 about fire safety and how the fire safety has has changed since The Great Fire of London. The children got to ask lots of interesting questions and sit inside the fire engine. It was great fun!

Today the Partake History Theatre company came to help KS1 re-enact the famous catastrophe The Great Fire of London. The children loved dressing up in costume and retelling the story through narration, mime, chant, music and dance.