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Design and Technology


At Pinewood we want children to be able to design, make and evaluate while having fun and enjoying the process. We try to link our DT teaching to our learning journeys and give children opportunities to work individually and collaboratively with others on purposeful projects. Skills are dependent on specific knowledge. A skill is the capacity to perform or discuss and in order to do this a deep body knowledge needs to be acquired and retained.

Art and DT at Pinewood

Knowledge Progression Overview

DT Whole School Overview

2022-2023 Wimbledon Design and Technology Event

Year 1- Design, make and evaluate a tennis ball stand to stop all of the tennis balls rolling away!

Year 2 Design, make and evaluate a new chair for the umpire (can you meet all of the design criteria?)

2021-2022 Platinum Jubilee Design and Technology Event

Year 1- Protect the Queen! Egg Drop Challenge

Year 2 Design, make and evaluate a new castle for the Queen with an opening and closing drawbridge! Our parents/carers came in to help us evaluate our finished products.

DT Lessons 2022-23