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'Together we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly'

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Cats - Foundation 2

Welcome to The Cats!

We are a class of 23 fantastic children!

We have lots of fun and we love to learn. The Cats work hard and we look after each other. We all love coming to school! 

Look at our photos and you will see why we think Pinewood is the best school there is! 

Picture 1 Miss Guy is the full time class teacher
Picture 2 Miss Ashmore is the full time teaching assistant

Our Baby Chicks March 2020

We had living eggs delivered into school and we had 3 lovely chicks! We have learnt all about life cycles, how to be kind to animals and we got to hold the chicks. We are very lucky!

​​​​World Book Day March 2020

Dont we all look amazing dressed up for World Book Day! See what characters you can see!

Happy Valentine’s Day February 2020

Thank you to all of our lovely parents who came to school at lunchtime to have a valentines dinner with your child. It was so lovely to see you all. Keep your eye out for Notts TV, you might be famous!

We Made Yummy Porridge February 2020

We have been learning all about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week. Today we all made our own porridge and chose what we wanted to put in, honey or sugar. What a lovely warm treat on a frosty, snowy day!

Our Snowy Day February 2020

We don’t let snow spoil our outside fun! Out we went to explore. We made snowballs, mini snowmen and caught snowflakes on our tongues!

Our Library Bus February 2020

We love going on our bus! We go upstairs and downstairs and choose books to read. We then have a whole class story together. We are so lucky to have such an amazing library at Pinewood!

Our Art Exhibition February 2020

We were so proud of our amazing art exhibition. The parents came in and watched a video all about our dragon learning! We then sang them a song and finally went into the hall to look at all of the amazing Pinewood art from all of the year groups. We love the arts in the cats class!

Happy Chinese New Year January 2020
Picture 1

Our Giant Dragon January 2020

We made an amazing dragon today. We blew bubbles into paint to make the scaly pattern and then glued them onto the body. We loved adding the flames!


Dragon on the Loose! January 2020

Wow! There is a dragon on the loose at Pinewood! We saw lots of clues in our classroom like dragon poo, an unusual egg, footprints up the wall and burnt, nibbled paper. We have sent an email to Miss Otter, letters to the police and wanted posters. Please keep an eye out too!

Mini Mash January 2020

Today, Miss Ashmore taught us how to use Mini Mash. We all drew our own dragons, aren’t they amazing?!

Our Christmas Party December 2019

We loved our Christmas party! We played party games, danced and had yummy party food! Have a fantastic Christmas everyone!

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Picture 3
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Picture 12

Our Christmas Craft & Play December 2019

Thank you so much to all parents who came to our a Christmas craft and play. It was lovely to see you all and I’m sure your children all did you very proud!


Today we met Santa December 2019

Santa came to school today. We sang him some Christmas songs and told him what we would like. He has seen how amazing we are so he brought us all a present and a chocolate! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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Picture 7
Our Life Bus Visit December 2019
We were lucky enough to have a visit from the life bus today. We met Harriet and Harold the giraffe. We learnt all about healthy eating and how to look after our bodies.

Our Autumn Walk to the Woods December 2019

We are so lucky to have a lovely wood behind school. We went today for an Autumn walk. We looked for signs of Autumn and we chose a tree to go and visit every season. 

Remembrance Day November 2019
We were really interested in learning about Remembrance Day and why it is so important. We talked about why it is so important to remember the people who fought to keep us safe. We each made our own poppy to take home.

Diwali Day at Pinewood October 2019

Today we celebrated Diwali as a whole school. We learned the story of Rama and Sita and we watched a dvd clip of the celebrations. We love learning about different peoples beliefs!

Our First Library Bus Visit October 2019

We had our first visit to the bus today. We chose our own books to look at by ourselves and then got back together to have whole class story. We will go on every week now!

We Need To Catch Evil Pea October 2019

We have a problem! The Evil Pea from Supertato has escaped and is causing trouble in our classroom. We have written notes and made traps to try and catch him!

Our Learning About Worms October 2019

We really enjoyed meeting Lydia and her pet worms today. She taught us all about the amazing job they do in our compost bins. We also got to look at worms through a magnifying glass.


Our Teeth Cleaning Session October 2019
Miss Guy showed us today how to clean our teeth. We practised using our friends hands as pretend teeth. We cleaned them for a whole 2 minutes using brushes and stopped when the timer finished. We are teeth cleaning experts! 

Our Puppet Making Session October 2019

We are learning to retell the story of the 3 Little Pigs. Today in literacy, we made our own character puppets. We chose whether to make the pig or the wolf. We used amazing vocabulary to describe them. Don’t they look fantastic, we really enjoyed it! 




We Love Reptiles September 2019

At Pinewood we love and care for animals, we have loved seeing so many animals this week. We met bearded dragons and tortoises today. They were very different to the other animals we met and we loved them!

Our Visit From Farley The Dog September 2019

We met Farley the dog today. We watched him sit, give his paw and eat some ham! What a lovely dog. 

Our Bunny Rabbit and Hamster Visit September 2019

We are so lucky that one of our lovely parents bought 3 baby rabbits and a hamster into school for pet week. We learnt all about them and even got to have a hold. Aren’t they lovely?

We All Belong September 2019

We are learning all about belonging in the Cats Class. We talked all about being part of our families and looked at our family photographs. We then talked about belonging to the Pinewood Pride in school. We used string to join together with our friends to show we are all linked.

The Day We Found a Toad September 2019

What an exciting find! We were looking for worms in our bug area and we came across what we thought was a frog. We had a look on the internet together and found out that it was a toad and that they like to be where it is damp. We had a good look at him and then decided we should put him by the pond. We put him on the side of the water and he hopped onto a lily pad. We are so lucky to have a Pinewood pond!

 Welcome to the Cats Class! September 2019

We are the Cats! This is us on our first day at school. We are so excited for the year ahead.

Year 2018-2019

Here is just a snapshot of the amazing year we have had!