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'Together we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly'

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Cats - Foundation 2

Welcome to The Cats!

We are a class of 22 fantastic children!

We have lots of fun and we love to learn. The Cats work hard and we look after each other. We all love coming to school! 

Look at our photos and you will see why we think Pinewood is the best school there is! 

                                    Team Cats 

The class teacher in the Cats is Miss Guy and she is supported by the amazing teaching assistants: Mrs Caines, Tracy Kershaw and Sophie Kingham.

Our Health Week May 2022

We are having a special week this week in school all about being healthy. Today we all took part in a very exciting obstacle course using all of our gross motor skills. We loved it! 

Our Snail Race May 2022

We made the most of the rainy weather and found lots of snails! We had a snail race where we numbered them and drew a finish line. Number 8 was the winner!

Our Amazing Shape Pictures April 2022
This week in maths, we have been learning all about spatial reasoning. We did jigsaws and used numicon pieces to make pictures. On Friday, we made shape pictures, rotating and flipping the shapes to get the result we wanted. Can you guess our objects from our pictures?

Easter Bonnet Parade March 2022

Look at the amazing bonnets in the Cats class! The bonnets were incredible, a huge thank you to the parents for working so hard with their children to make them so brilliant! 

Whitepost Farm March 2022

We loved our farm trip today. We went there to learn all about baby animals. We met lambs, baby goats, rabbits, alpacas, lizards, birds of prey and so much more! We fed them, held them and learnt all about them. What an amazing day! 

Our Amazing Chicks March 2022

We are so lucky at Pinewood. We had some eggs delivered into school. All 10 hatched into beautiful fluffy chicks. We all got to hold them. We learnt all about the life cycle of a chicken and we even wrote our own non-fiction books in literacy. What a super week! 

Our Puppet Session March 2022

We love David the puppet man! Today we told the story of The Gingerbread Man using our own puppet. We chose a name for them and gave them a voice. We had so much fun!

World Book Day March 2022

We loved dressing up for World Book day today. Can you guess which character we are and which book we are from?

Happy Lunar New Year February 2022

We loved learning all about the lunar New Year! We learnt about the celebrations and also acted out the story of the zodiac using animal masks. This year is the Year of the Tiger. We tried prawn crackers and made up our own dragon dance. It was an exciting week!

Our Amazing Art Exhibition February 2022
We love being creative at Pinewood and this half term, as a whole school, we have been learning all about Vincent Van Gogh and his painting 'Starry Night'. We re-created his painting and also made shining stars. All of our work was put together in an exhibition and the parents were invited in. It felt really special!

The Big Garden Birdwatch January 2022

At Pinewood we love nature and care about the environment. This year we took part in The Big Garden Birdwatch. We made a bird hide in the classroom, made bird feeders with lard and seed and we also used binoculars to see what birds we could spot in and around the school grounds. We got parents involved too by sending home a birdwatch sheet. Thanks to all who joined in!

Our Ballet Dance Session January 2022

What an amazing session! We had a real ballet dancer who works in theatre come into school to teach us ballet today. It was all linked to the painting we are learning about, ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh. We twinkled, shone and glittered. We loved moving in different ways!

Our Week of Magic January 2022

What a great week! We have been learning about the book Room on the Broom. This week we have thought of exciting words to describe yucky potion ingredients, we have read and ordered instructions for spells and we have written our own. We made a bubbling volcano and we made our dragon puppet breathe smoke! 

Our Frozen Pond January 2022

We loved visiting the pond today to see it totally frozen over! We took some ice out to look at and we jumped on some to listen to the cracking sound. It was amazing to see such wintery scenes!

Our Santa Visit December 2021

We loved our Santa visit today and we are so excited about Christmas, not long now! 

A Snowy Day at Pinewood 2021

We love all kinds of weather at Pinewood and snow is a real favourite! We were so excited to see so much snow when we came to school on Monday morning. We made snowballs, snowmen, snow angels and explored the ice. What fun!

Pudsey Day November 2021

Thank you to all of the lovely parents for taking the time to dress their children up today and for donating money to such a good cause, it is much appreciated! 

Remembrance Day November 2021

Today was a very special day as we learnt all about Remembrance Day. We talked about all of the soldiers and animals who lost their lives to make the world a better place for us.  We had an assembly and the whole school observed the 2 minutes silence. Mr Otter played the last post on his trumpet and we all made our own poppy. We also learnt about Sir Captain Tom. What an important day to remember. 

Our Fire Engine Visit November 2021

We loved seeing a fire engine today, it was so exciting. The fire fighters explained what all of the equipment was for. It was perfect as we were learning all about fire safety last week.

Augustin Edouart November 2021

We have been learning all about the artist Augustin Edouart. We loved looking at the silhouettes of his work and guessing what what happening in each picture. We talked about the clothes being from a long time ago. We made our own silhouettes of animals, I wonder if you can guess what they are?

Diwali October 2021

We loved learning all about Diwali today. We watched a video and read a non-fiction book which taught us all about it. We then made firework pictures menhdi  patterns , jewellery and rangoli patterns. We love to learn about different cultures at Pinewood.

Supertato to the Rescue! October 2021

We had a cheeky visitor in the Cat’s class this week it was Evil Pea! He stuck veggies to the walls and even taped our phonics frog on the ceiling! We wrote messages for Supertato to let him know where we had seen Evil pea in our classroom. What an exciting week! 

The Police Came to Visit October 2021

We were so lucky to have a police officer come into school. He talked to us about his job and how he keeps people safe. He also talked about how we could keep ourselves safe. He showed us all of his equipment and his police car, we loved hearing the sirens and seeing the flashing lights!

Teddy day! September 2021

We all brought a teddy to school today. Our book this week is a brilliant book called 'I'm afraid your teddy is in trouble today'. We used our own teddies for a speaking and listening activity. Talking about why we love them and what we do with them at home. 


Our Nurse Visit September 2021

We were very lucky to have a visit from a nurse today. We are learning all about people who look after us in F2. Tam the nurse talked about how she looks after people and she showed us her equipment. We also learnt how to clean our teeth properly and how to wash our hands. 

Our Amazing Library Bus September 2021
We are so lucky to have our very own library bus in school. Today was our first visit in the Cats class. We watched a PowerPoint about the rules for the bus and then we went on. We chose our own books to read, had a whole class story and even pretended to be the driver. It was so much fun! 

We are the Cats! September 2021
Welcome to the lovely Cats class. We are so excited to start the new year!

Year 2020-2021
We have had another amazing year in F2. Sadly we lost some time due to lockdown but our amazing home learners did us super proud, as did the children in school!

Year 2019-2020

Our year was sadly cut a little short due to the Coronavius but we still managed to pack lots of learning and amazing memories in. Here is a snapshot of some of the fun we had. 

Year 2018-2019

Here is just a snapshot of the amazing year we have had!