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'Together we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly'

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Cats - Foundation 2

Welcome to The Cats!

We are a class of 24 fantastic children!

We have lots of fun and we love to learn. The Cats work hard and we look after each other. We all love coming to school! 

Look at our photos and you will see why we think Pinewood is the best school there is! 

                                    Team Cats 

The class teacher in the Cats is Miss Guy and the teaching assistants are Mrs Caines and Anne-Marie, who is our midday supervisor.

Whitepost Farm June 2021

We were so happy we could go on a trip! We went to Whitepost farm and learnt all about the different animals. We even fed and held them. What a great day!

Our Motorbike Viewing June 2021

One of our lovely Cats was talking about their love of motorbikes today. Miss Guy has a friend called Adam with a motorbike so we FaceTimed him to see his bike. He showed us the bike, his clothes and answered all of our questions. We then made our own motorbikes in the outdoor area using big bricks. What a super learning experience! 

Our Super Shimmering Fish May 2021

We loved learning about the book Tiddler. We drew our own fish using pastels and then added glitter and gems to make them look like real shimmering scales. They make a beautiful display.


The Amazing Anna Collette-Hunt April 2021

We have used local artist Anna Collette-Hunt as our inspiration for making clay bugs! We looked at pictures of her art and Miss Guy brought in some of Anna’s bugs that she has in her house. We thought they were beautiful so we used clay to mould our own. We then used bright colours to paint them, just like Anna does! We think they look great and we really enjoyed making them!

Red Nose Day March 2021

Today we raised money for Comic Relief by having crazy hair! In the Cats class we had a face pulling competition too. I think they all look pretty crazy!

Lockdown Drama March 2020

Miss Reville organised a very exciting drama workshop with children at home and school. We acted out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk with a fantastic actor called Jack! Well done to all of the home learners for doing such a great job of joining in! 

World Book Day March 2021

We loved celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters! We had a masked reader game and lots of lovely stories too. What a fun day! 


Our Pond Trip February 2021

We are learning all about frogs this week and their life cycle. We went to our school pond to look for some. We saw a big frog and a newt and we are going to come back every week to look for frogspawn!

We are so proud of our home learners! February 2021

The Cats have worked so hard at home and we have loved seeing all of their work. Well done to all of those hard working parents for being such an amazing support, only 2 more weeks until we are all back together!

Happy Valentine's Day February 2021

We may not all be together but we still wanted to share the love. The children in school made all of their school friends Valentine’s Day cards and we posted them to those who are at home. We love you Cats! 

It’s Snowing Again! February 2021

We loved playing in the snow today. We made snowballs, snow pies and looked at the patterns our shoes made in the fresh crunchy snow! 

Our Home Learning Superstars January 2021

We are so proud of how hard our children are working at home and we love seeing all of your work. We miss you! X

One Snowy Day December 2020

At Pinewood we love the outdoors so today, we were super excited when it snowed! We wrapped up warm and went out for a short while to make mini snowballs and catch snowflakes on our tongues, what fun!

Our Smoke Breathing Dragon! November 2020

Today we wrote our own spells to make our baby dragon puppet breathe fire! It worked! We were so excited!

Our Rainbow Experiment November 2020

Today we all took part in a rainbow experiment. In pairs, we put some skittles in a circle shape around a plate. We then added wam water to the middle and watched the rainbow appear! 

Our Amazing Bubbling Volcanoes November 2020

Today we made volcanoes following a set of instructions. We made a sand mountain then added some bats blood, frog snot and witches toe nails. We watched as they bubbled over, it was amazing!


Lollypop the Robin November 2020

We are so lucky in the Cats class that we have a little robin who is very tame. He comes right over to us and sings his beautiful song. We had a vote and decided to call him Lollypop. We made some signs for him and we feed him every day.


Supertato to the Rescue October 2020

What an amazing Week! We had a cheeky visitor in our class, it

was the Evil Pea! He stuck veggies to the walls and hid Fred on a log high up on the ceiling. Supertato asked for our help and asked us to write notes and make maps to catch him and it worked! We had a vote about what we should do with the pea and the Cats decided to keep him in class (tied in a net to stop him from getting up to any more mischief!)

We Brought Goose Fair to Pinewood! October 2020

Sadly Nottingham Goose Fair was cancelled this year but we won’t let a thing like that stop us! We had it in school instead and it was amazing! 

The Lost Parrot September 2020
We had a lost parrot at Pinewood! We decided to write big posters to try to get him back. We put them outside for him to read in case he flew over our school again.It worked and we found him, Miss Guy showed us a video of him safe and sound back home! 👍
We are the Cats! September 2020
Welcome to the lovely Cats class. We are so excited to start the new year!

Year 2020-2021
We have had another amazing year in F2. Sadly we lost some time due to lockdown but our amazing home learners did us super proud, as did the children in school!

Year 2019-2020

Our year was sadly cut a little short due to the Coronavius but we still managed to pack lots of learning and amazing memories in. Here is a snapshot of some of the fun we had. 

Year 2018-2019

Here is just a snapshot of the amazing year we have had!