Pinewood Infant School and Foundation Unit

'Together we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly'

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Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning at Pinewood


Our Curriculum

At Pinewood we make ‘learning irresistible’. Children learn where they feel safe and are listened to, where they are valued and loved, where they are stimulated and challenged and where they ‘have fun!’

We understand and are committed to the development of the ‘whole child’ and choose inspiring topics where PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) is entwined throughout. We teach a skills based curriculum which encourages children to explore, find out and lead their own learning. We ensure children are exposed to the ‘bigger picture’ including global and environmental issues which are part of all our lives and which we care about.

We deliver a curriculum saturated with quality children’s texts and start each annual cycle with topics that the children are familiar with e.g. ‘Why is Nottingham an awesome place to live?’ Widening the experiences for our children is fundamental to us at Pinewood - including the outdoors, visits and visitors in all our topics. We are committed to the arts. We have an extensive range of extra-curricular activities including library club, sewing, cookery, PE, drama, parachute, forest schools and we use children’s voice to respond to children’s preferences.


Effective Teaching

We will:

  • Provide high quality learning experiences
  • Share lesson objectives, success criteria and personal targets
  • Provide a range of teaching groupings: whole class, small groups, sometimes ability set, sometimes mixed groupings, sometimes paired and sometimes independently
  • Assess the learning that has taken place in a session and give quality feedback to children
  • Ensure the pace of lessons motivates children, fully engages them and ensures high levels of progress
  • Plan using a topic approach
  • Provided lots of opportunities for speaking and listening
  • Use IWB fully to engage learners
  • Teach what it means to be a ‘Supercat Learner’ and the concept of the ‘Learning Pit’
  • Have various whole school/key stage theme days/weeks
  • Learning through play as much as possible
  • Provide an irresistible learning environment both inside and out
  • Visits and visitors are maximised
  • Active learning and movement to aid learning and concentration
  • Multi-sensory learning experiences
  • Use singing and music as much as possible
  • Maximise the use of TAs to support teaching
  • Provide firm connections between home and school


Effective Learning

Each of us is unique in the way we experience life and respond to events. There are as many different ways of learning as there are children in our classroom. All children are individual and learn in different ways. We cater for the needs of each child so that the opportunity is given for potential to be met. We are flexible in our approach to teaching and learning. TAs will be used creatively and their support maximised at every point throughout the school day.


At Pinewood we believe that children learn best when…

  • They are made to feel secure and confident and know they are loved
  • They are involved in the learning process
  • A variety of resources are used
  • They are presented with learning tasks that are meaningful, relevant and appropriately matched and where they have fun
  • They are responsible for learning and contribute to the learning of others
  • Mixed pedagogy and lesson structures are used for purpose
  • A menu of differentiation is used for purpose
  • The classroom environment is conducive to learning extended to include the outdoor learning environment of the school, the immediate locality and the wider, surrounding area
  • There is regular assessment for learning, where children and teachers are clear about the next steps


Click on the link below to view our Curriculum Policies. You will find our Teaching and Learning Policy here too.