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Our vision for reading is that children leave KS1:

  • with a true love of reading and quality texts;
  • reading fluently with good comprehension skills;
  • understanding what it means to be a good reader and with a belief that they are good readers;
  • frequently choosing to read for pleasure;
  • with a good knowledge of books and authors;
  • having experienced our top Pinewood favourite children's books (brilliant books).

Look at what reading looks like at Pinewood

Tips for reading at home

Take a look at the link to our library bus - we really enjoy choosing our own books and reading on the bus throughout the school day. 

Reading Track

We love our children to read at home and we have a reading track in every classroom to encourage this!  Every time a child reads at home, they move up on our reading track.  At every multiple of 10 the children reach a picture of one of our brilliant books (these are some of our top books from our brilliant book list that we will share with the children at story time).  They receive special treats - stickers, class tickets, dojo's, bookmarks at these multiples of 10! After reaching 100 reads the children receive a certificate and a bookworm badge during a special assembly! If children read 150 times at home during the school year, we invite these children to an amazing reading camp in the Summer Term!  Check out your child's class page to see who has reached a special milestone!

The links to our brilliant books we like to share with the children are below.  We have carefully chosen these books from our personal favourites and these are books that we love sharing and discussing and are appropriate for these different year groups.  Take a look, you might want to share some of these with your child/children at home!