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Update on school reopening

Dear Parents/Carers,

An update on school reopening

We are not convinced at present that it is safe as yet to open schools to more pupils. 
Nottinghamshire County Council believes that decisions regarding schools should be decided locally i.e. by the school, its headteacher and its Governing Body. 

After reading both the Sage reports published 22nd May, we have decided to not open the school at present to more pupils. The next review date for our Governing Body will be Monday 15th June. At this meeting we may decide to open school to an increasing number of pupils (initially in F2 bubbles) if we feel it is safe to do so. However, our reservations may still outweigh our confidence at that time.  At present we will continue to only open to the existing 22 children that we have allocated a place too.

The Sage independent report strongly recommends that local test, track and isolate programmes are in place and tested before schools re-open. We are also still concerned about the R rate, the daily death tolls and know we cannot socially distance from young children.  Scientific research says, ‘Delaying re-opening by a couple of weeks could allow time to find solutions to local challenges and set up strong local testing procedures while knowing that risks are getting lower.’
Our FAQs at present remain unchanged on the website. We will send a text out if these change over the next 10 days but we will update you on Monday 15th June. If we decide that it is safe to open schools to more pupils in that week we will have made that decision in consultation with governors, staff and unions. We would also welcome any comments from yourselves as parents/carers. 

Whilst I am sure you all understand the reasons for this decision, there will be mixed feelings about sending your child back to school. I am here as always to answer any questions that you may have –my email is 
I understand the anxieties that all of you have about school being closed at present.  We are working hard to support you by revamping home learning. Teachers have been working so hard ensuring your child receives the best remote learning education that we can offer. 
I particularly sympathise with parents/carers of children in transitional years i.e. Nursery children coming into full time school and Year 2 children transitioning to Junior School. I will be offering Year 2 parents/carers an opportunity, as a class group of carers/parents, to have a zoom meeting with myself and your class teacher tomorrow on Thursday 4th June: Tigers 1pm; Lions 2pm. Please confirm your attendance ASAP but no later than 10am tomorrow.
Please contact your teacher on seesaw if you wish to be part of that meeting. You would need to have downloaded zoom on your phone/Ipad/computer. We will offer this to other parental year groups in due course. Thank you for your support during these difficult times. To reiterate, this is under constant review and our next review date as a governing body is on Monday 15th June. 
Yours faithfully
Rachel Otter    (Head Teacher)