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I am writing as I am extremely concerned about opening school and putting our children and staff at risk for those parents other than those that ‘really have to’ send their children. I want to reduce the number of children in school tomorrow to an absolute minimum, both for their sake and others in our school community.


After developments on Friday night, shutting pubs, restaurants etc. and the pledges made by the chancellor to safeguard jobs, you must all realise like me, that this is a very serious situation.


Where we totally understand that it is a good idea for schools to be providing child care for key workers, those on the front line with this virus, and are committed to providing this care as much as we can for these parents; I am questioning some of the requests I have had for childcare, especially in light of the government developments that happened after close of the school gates on Friday evening.


I urge you all to seriously consider your requests in light of the soaring numbers of infection over the weekend and the government announcements. Surely unless you both are key workers and if one of you can’t be at home, it is not worth the risk sending your child to school where they will be in close contact with others?


To stop this virus spreading and to save lives, you really should be keeping your child at home unless exceptional circumstances apply. Can I ask you to ask yourselves are these really exceptional circumstances and is there no way I can keep my children at home to help protect them and other Pinewood children and staff?


Children are thought to only get mild symptoms, but can carry the virus and spread it. It is the most vulnerable people in our society and ones with medical conditions that I am worried about. All Pinewood staff too have families that we want to protect and also a few have or have close family members with underlying health conditions.


Today I have been in contact with a friend of mine who is deputy of a school in Milan. We are believed to be 2 weeks behind them with the virus and the measures the government has now had to put in place over there are truly unbelievable. We are not there yet, but I want to protect as many of our children and staff at Pinewood as I can during the build up.


I am asking that only in exceptional circumstances that you send your child to school. Social distancing is the only way to stop the spread and collective action is needed now. We will do as a school whatever it takes to to protect our community; not sending your child to school unless really necessary would help us to do so.


Kind regards

Ms Otter