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8 weeks in shutdown...

Dear Parents/Carers,


It has been a week of non-stop virtual meetings and emails but I just wanted to touch base with you before the weekend to update you as much as I can.

Firstly if you are key worker parents who have not been sending your child to school over the last few weeks, but are thinking that you need this facility from the 1st June 2020, please can you email me on stating your child’s name, class, your job/jobs role and the days of the week you would require. This is really important so we can plan what our key worker provision and other year group provision will look like moving forward. 

Secondly we want to close for half term if we can. I am asking all key worker parents if they can sort alternative childcare that week please so we can shut the site to children. We want to perform a deep clean. If you are a key worker who is really struggling with childcare for half term, please email me by Monday and I will see how I can help. 

We are awaiting Risk Assessment documents from the LA. Once we have those (estimated by Wednesday next week) we will complete them to see how we can safely begin to open to more school children. With the exception of key worker and vulnerable children, we are unlikely to be increasing our provision to year groups on the 1st June as we will not have had enough time to ensure safety of the children.

We are aiming to increase our provision to increasing numbers of children from Monday 8th June. 

This is likely (but no means definite until risk assessments are complete) to be inviting F2 Reception children back into school from Monday 8th June. This is likely to be the only year group invited that week due to capacity of rooms. The 2 classes will be split into 3 groups of 15 children in 3 separate classes. We are yet to finalise details until risk assessments have been completed, but I wanted to let you know our thinking ‘at present’. 

We will inform you of our protocols and what provision would look like for these children as soon as we have conducted the awaited risk assessment. We will give you as much information as possible, so you can make an informed choice on whether to send your F2 child back to school or not. Home school learning will continue to take place for those children not in school including F2 children of parents who chose not to send their children back to school.

We would then assess whether we have any chance of opening to any other year groups. But only when the introduction of F2 has been successful. We only have 5 classrooms that we can accommodate groups of 15 children in so no other year group will be invited back full time whilst the Government’s 15 children to a room restrictions are in place.

I am in school Monday so give me a call at school should you have any pressing questions or concerns, plus you have my email. Keep safe and warmest wishes. Obviously all this is dependent on the 5 government measures being met and the school risk assessments showing it is possible.

Rachel Otter

Rachel Otter
Head Teacher