Pinewood Infant School and Foundation Unit

'Together we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly'

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Where does our curriculum come from?


We choose inspiring topics where PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) is entwined throughout.


We teach a skills based curriculum which encourages children to explore, find out and lead their own learning.


We ensure children are exposed to the ‘bigger picture’ including global and environmental issues which are part of all our lives and which we care about.


We deliver a curriculum saturated with quality children’s texts and will foster a true love of stories in all our children.


We start the year with topics that the children are familiar with –  ‘How has Nottingham changed?. 


Widening the experiences for our children is fundamental to us at Pinewood - including the outdoors, visits and visitors in all our topics. This includes planning a visit and a visitor into school (at least) for each topic. Also planning a residential trip for Year 2s to build confidence, independence and co-operation.


We are committed to the arts at Pinewood. We are continually developing our arts provision and are now currently working towards the arts mark. We also value speaking and listening, drama and performance as part of our curriculum. We encourage children to take risks and to challenge themselves demonstrating their talents in Christmas plays, assemblies and talent shows.


We have an extensive range of extra-curricular activities including library club, sewing, cookery, PE, drama, parachute, forest schools and we use children’s voice to respond to children’s views and preferences.


Why do we start with a big question?

To develop curiosity

For children to lead their own learning

So children can share their interests and experiences

To centre our topic around the question


What certain things do we include in our curriculum?

A launch (to excite and enthuse) and a project or end product (purpose and achievement)

Talk for writing, speaking and listening, drama, rainbow grammar, quality texts

Teaching values (e.g. resilience), modelling behaviour, supporting our children and families

Arts – theatre, dance, music, professional visiting artist, puppets

Outdoor learning as much as possible


What is close to our hearts? And what do we want to achieve

Providing wider experiences, improving life experiences, nurturing our children, confidence building and providing stability

Caring for the environment, promoting eco and valuing the great outdoors

Importance of values

Aspiration – encouraging our children that they can steer in any direction they choose


Why have we got the curriculum we’ve got?

To broaden experiences

To provide a deeper understanding of different skills within our topics

To improve our cross curricular links and develop a skills based curriculum

To develop our arts provision

To increase awareness of environmental and world issues and our own impact on the bigger picture.

To encourage children to be critical thinkers with high aspirations and to be passionate about the world we live in


What drives our curriculum?

Giving children more opportunities

Making learning irresistible – sparking the interest, enthusiasm and curiosity in our children

Providing a ‘launch experience’ and planning an end product or project

Passion for environment and the arts