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Investors In Pupils

Investors in Pupils



We have successfully achieved the 'Investors in Pupils' accreditation.

What is Investors in Pupils?


Investors in Pupils is a programme which is very highly valued within schools and by Ofsted. It provides a unique pupil participation framework for schools and is built on the principle of valuing pupils views and opinions and giving them a voice in the running of the school.


The 5 main areas of Investors in Pupils are:




Classroom Management



It is very important for our children as it helps them to know:


How they can contribute towards their own learning by increasing their involvement and working as a team.

The roles and responsibilities of everyone at Pinewood.

The importance of coming to school every day.

The cost of our equipment and how we spend our class budgets.

Who our Governors are and what they do.

How to look after new children and staff in school.

The benefits of making good choices.

That they are an important part of their class and school.

Each class decides on their own class rules, class targets, individual targets, class motto's and a class induction book.


Each class has an Investors in Pupils display board where class and individual targets are displayed and the children review these regularly. Each class has one or two Investors in Pupils representatives and they meet regularly to discuss targets and issues and feed back to the whole school during assemblies.

Every week an attendance trophy is given to the class with the best attendance record and a tally is displayed in the entrance hall to show how many times each class has won the trophy.


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