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Home Learning

This page will be updated every week to give you a few ideas of activities you could do with your children at home linked to our weekly topic. 






Week Beginning 22nd June 202

Read/watch the story
Can you create a rocket out of shapes
How many?
Place your answers here
Let’s get creative!
Let’s get creative!
Let’s get creative!
Let’s get creative!
Time to experiment...
Let’s get creative!
Let’s get creative!
Can you learn a new song?
Can you learn a new song?
Can you learn a new song?

Week beginning 15th June - Aliens Love Underpants

Week beginning 8th June - People Who Help Us

Can you count each row?
How many of each one can you find?
Time for a sing along
Can you create your own superheroes?
Can you match these vehicles to their shadows?
Who is needed?
Let’s get creative
Let’s get creative
Let’s get creative
Let’s get creative

Week beginning 1st June 2020 - Supertato/Superheroes

Read/watch the stories
How many of each thing can you count?
How many superheroes can you count on each line?
Can you create your own Evil Pea?
Can you turn a potato into a Supertato?
Explore the vegetables you have in your house.
Can you act out the Supertato stories using props?
Fine motor with frozen evil peas!
Can you help to free the frozen vgetables?
Can you create your won superhero cape?
Where do your vegetables grow?
Can you label your own superhero?
Can you fill in the missing numbers?

Week beginning 20th April 2020 - Room On The Broom

Read/watch the story.
Create your own broomstick or wand, be creative!
Can you make a witch out of playdough?
Cauldron counting. Collect objects and count them
Can you make a potion and say the magic spell?
Can you cut different shapes to create a witch?
Blow cup dragon, be creative!

Week beginning 27th April 2020 - The Gruffalo & The Gruffalo's Child

Read/watch the story
Read/watch the story
Create your own log pile house
Explore your own Gruffalo crumble
Create a Gruffalo headband
Hand print Gruffalo
Shadow Play
Bubble wrap snake
How many different leaves can you find on a walk?

Week beginning 4th May 2020

Read/watch the Monkey Puzzle story
Create your own monkey from the story
Hand print monkey
Create your won jungle playdough
Jungle animal sorting
Camouflage jungle animals
Join in witha jungle song!
Practise your scissor skills with  nature snipping
Leaf threading
Caterpillar cress
Butterfly life cycle tree
Butterfly symmetry

Week beginning 11th May - A Squash and a Squeeze & The Scarecrow’s Wedding

Read/watch the story
Farm animal crafts
Farm animal crafts
Fam animal counting & number formation
Muddy animal wash
Animal sorting
Muddy animal painting/printing
Tractor art
Read/watch the story
Natural art scarecrows
Scarecrow crafts