Pinewood Infant School and Foundation Unit

'Together we give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly'

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At Pinewood, we aim to ‘Make Learning Irresistible’. This runs through everything we do, from lessons, our learning environment both indoors and outdoors to visits and visitors. Our school is an amazing place to be and the staff and children are all very proud to be part of the Pinewood Pride!


Children feel valued and loved in school and staff pride themselves on building strong relationships with both parents/carers and children. We teach literacy and maths to a high standard and children make excellent progress throughout the EYFS. We treat every child as an individual and are committed to the development of the ‘whole child’. We want children to enter KS1 happy, self-assured, independent learners with a thirst to learn and the confidence to know that they can do anything they want to do and that we will support them on their journey.


Our curriculum is taken from the ‘Development Matters’. We use the age related targets to plan exciting and stimulating activities to help all children achieve their full potential. We deliver a curriculum saturated with high quality texts. We strive to foster a true love of stories in all our children.


Phonics is taught systematically throughout the EYFS starting with letters and sounds phase one, moving onto read write inc phonics when the children are ready.

We start each half termly topic with a ‘Big Question’ and all of our learning is based around this. We start each annual cycle with the question ‘Who am I?’ so we get to know the children well and ensure they feel safe and secure as they begin their school journey.


Widening the experiences for our children is fundamental to us at Pinewood. We take our children to the local woods regularly and teach them to care about the environment and the different seasons. We invite visitors in and take the children out termly in F2.

We are committed to the arts at Pinewood. We want our children to be creative and to use their imaginations. We promote this through stirring texts and topics which engage and motivate children. We are currently working towards the arts mark. We value speaking and listening and use drama and performance as part of our curriculum. Children can often be found dressed up as a variety of different characters, as can the staff!


We are a close knit school that is just like a big family. We nurture our children and provide stability to give them confidence. We teach them to care for the environment and for each other. Children are taught to have high aspirations and will be encourage and steer them in any direction they choose.


We really do believe that Pinewood is the best place to be!

Why do we have the curriculum we have?

In the Early Years, we give careful consideration to the curriculum, to ensure it gives our children the best possible start to their education. We use the Early Years Outcomes as a base and we design our curriculum around meeting these goals in the most exciting and engaging way possible. We have a yearly plan but we are flexible with this as we work with the children's interests and are led by them. This makes our children feel listened to and their opinions and ideas valued. We always begin with and 'All About Me' topic to get to know our children and to make sure they feel settled and cared for. We want our curriculum to meet the school moto to 'Make Learning Irresistable' and you can see by looking at the photographs on this website that we do this!

Click on the link below to view our latest curriculum policies. You will find our Early Years Foundation Stage policy here too. Paper copies can be obtained from the school office should you require one.